'I'm Not a Feminist, but...'

FEBRUARY 25, 2013
At the very end of MAKERS, a documentary chronicling the modern American Women's Movement, Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo!, says, "I don't think I would consider myself a feminist. I certainly believe in equal rights. I believe that women are just as capable, if not more so, in a lot of different dimensions. But I don't think I have the militant drive and the chip on the shoulder that sometimes comes with that."

Redefining Women’s Work

FEBRUARY 25, 2013
​“Makers,” a three-hour documentary on PBS stations on Tuesday, is the story of the last 50 years of the American women’s movement, from the publication of Betty Friedan’s book “The Feminine Mystique,” which reassured housewives and mothers that they had good reason to feel unfulfilled, to the paradoxes of 2013.

'Makers' review: Tracing women's movement

FEBRUARY 21, 2013
​The new documentary is one of the best and most far-reaching films about the modern women's movement. Narrated by Meryl Streep, the film is tied to Makers.com, a video project of PBS and AOL chronicling more than 1,000 stories so far of women who have made an impact on current history.

Are Women the Real Makers in America?

FEBRUARY 07, 2013
​Some of the most powerful women in media along with pioneers of the women’s rights movement came together Wednesday night to celebrate the red-carpet premiere of the new PBS documentary “Makers : Women Who Make America.”

Why 'Makers' Is a Film Every Woman Should See

FEBRUARY 06, 2013
​Most of us watched the first season of Mad Men and marveled at the rampant sexism experienced by every single woman on the show. Even if we’d encountered our own, more veiled, modern-day conference room ogling or verbal slights (“Morning, sweetie” – not cool, guys), that 1960 Manhattan office felt faraway, even shocking. It’s easy to forget what America was like for our grandmothers and mothers, and to dismiss the notion that things could pretty easily shift backwards, which is why we should all check out the new documentary Makers.

AOL, PBS and SIMPLE® Facial Skincare Host a Red-Carpet Premiere for “MAKERS: Women Who Make America”

FEBRUARY 06, 2013
​NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tonight at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, AOL, PBS and Simple® facial skincare will host a red-carpet premiere for “MAKERS: Women Who Make America,” the PBS documentary film which serves as the broadcast extension to MAKERS, a first-of-its-kind multiplatform video initiative that aims to become the largest collection of women’s stories ever assembled. The event will bring together more than 56 notable MAKERS women, including Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem and Martha Stewart, as well as VIPs Allison Williams, Kelly Rutherford and Kyra Sedgwick, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger, WETA President and CEO Sharon Percy Rockefeller and Unilever North America EVP of Personal Care, Gina Boswell who will gather to celebrate over a half century of women’s achievements. The three-hour PBS documentary airs on Tuesday, February 26 at 8PM ET on PBS (check your local listings).

Six Extraordinary Women

SEPTEMBER 06, 2012
MAKERS Seeks Six Extraordinary Women to be Featured on Landmark Website Alongside America’s Most Iconic Women. 
Who will be the Next MAKERS to follow in the footsteps of such iconic women as Hilary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, Billy Jean King, Sandra Day O’Connor, Gloria Steinem, Martha Stewart, and Barbara Walters, among others? 

Pioneering Stories From The Female Trailblazers Who Came Before Marissa Mayer

JULY 19, 2012

As Marissa Mayer takes up her job as CEO of Yahoo and her torchbearer role for ambitious women juggling careers and families, Fast Company gathered wisdom from an inspiring group of women who broke barriers in media, entertainment, dance, athletics, and more. 

Complete Official 2012 Primetime Emmy Nominations

JULY 19, 2012
​Gloria: In Her Own Words was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Special.

9 Cool Websites for Moms: Mother's Day 2012

MAY 10, 2012

As Newman memorably announces, "the Mother of all mail days has come"! Yep, Mothers Day 2012 is officially here. Newman (being a postman) would probably want you to send a card or a letter, but that’s so old fashioned! So here’s the perfect gift to your mom on their day: the best selection of the websites from our Parenting Faves that are inspired or meant for them. (Don’t worry, if you take credit for finding such awesome sites, we won’t tell… Our little secret!)

Gates’s ‘Finding Your Roots’ is beginning its fourth installment

MARCH 25, 2012
It wasn’t a question of whether his ancestors had been slaves. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a son of the Old South and one of the country’s leading civil rights pioneers, knew that to be true.

New PBS series traces noncelebrity lineages, too

MARCH 22, 2012

Genealogy is intriguing enough and doesn't need star treatment.

Yet, when it comes to TV, shows such as NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are?" rely on celebrities to shake their family trees for our entertainment and ratings.

Sure, it's fascinating that some A-listers descend from French nobility while others come from slaves; but in a culture where celebrity is accomplished too easily and tabloid headlines lead the news cycle, we could do with a few less tales from Tinseltown.

Henry Louis Gates delves into history again for celebrity stories in 'Finding Your Roots'

MARCH 22, 2012

Tracing your ancestry is all about filling in stories, says Dr. Henry Louis Gates, which is why he’s looking for descendants of Irishmen who lived in Cumberland, Md., in the 1850s and 1860s.

Doubling Down on DNA

MARCH 22, 2012

When he was a student at Yale, Henry Louis Gates Jr. took a course known as "biology for poets." Now the Harvard humanities scholar is a zealot of genetic science.

With a series of specials for PBS starting in 2006, Mr. Gates used a combination of DNA sequencing, genealogical records and celebrity sizzle to "give African-Americans their 'Roots' moment," he says, referring to the Alex Haley novel that cast ancestral identity in a new light. Since his original "African American Lives" miniseries, which explored the heritage of black stars such as Oprah Winfrey and Quincy Jones, Mr. Gates has developed a broader approach—and a TV franchise. Featuring 25 guests ranging from Robert Downey Jr. to Condoleezza Rice, his new series, "Finding Your Roots," premieres Sunday. With this 10-part prime-time series, up from the four episodes in his last special from 2010, PBS has essentially doubled down on DNA.

Roots run deep: More discover family tree

MARCH 22, 2012

Newark Mayor Cory Booker had always known there had to have been white ancestors in his family’s past. He is African American but has a light complexion and blue-green eyes. No one was sure who those white ancestors were, just that they probably existed.

Gates' Finding Your Roots' to Debut on PBS

MARCH 21, 2012

The Root was on location at a screening of an episode of the new PBS series Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Branford Marsalis goes green, finds his roots

MARCH 21, 2012

Marsalis is featured in the premiere episode of PBS' ten-part series "Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr." in which the Harvard professor traces the ancestry of such celebrities as Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, Geoffrey Canada, Barbara Walters, Michelle Rodriguez, Margaret Cho, Robert Downey, Jr., Maggie Gyllenhaal, Martha Stewart, Wanda Sykes, Samuel L. Jackson, John Legend and Condoleezza Rice. Marsalis' friend and fellow Louisiana jazz musician Harry Connick Jr. is also in the opening episode.

Finding Your Roots in Southern California

MARCH 21, 2012

The basic drive to discover who we are and where we come from is at the core of the new 10-part PBS series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the 12th series from Professor Gates

PBS's 'Finding Your Roots' looks at John Lewis, Cory Booker, Condoleezza Rice

MARCH 20, 2012

Henry Louis Gates Jr., host of the new PBS series “Finding Your Roots,” takes VIPs Kevin Bacon, John Legend and Samuel Jackson, among others on a journey back in time, examining their roots using genealogy and family histories. The series premieres Sunday, March 25.


Family Tree’s Startling Roots

MARCH 19, 2012
Thirty-nine lashes “well laid” on her bare back and an extension of her indentured servitude was Elizabeth Banks’s punishment for “fornication & Bastardy with a negroe slave,” according to a stark June 20, 1683, court document from York County, Va. Through the alchemy of celebrity and genealogy, that record and others led to the recent discovery that Banks, a free white woman despite her servitude, was the paternal ninth great-grandmother of Wanda Sykes, the ribald comedian and actress.

Census Documenting Great Depression to Be Released

MARCH 18, 2012

It was a decade when tens of millions of people in the U.S. experienced mass unemployment and social upheaval as the nation clawed its way out of the Great Depression and rumblings of global war were heard from abroad.

Makers Rocks: Amanpour, AOL’s Armstrong Fete Ladies At Lunch

FEBRUARY 29, 2012
Attendees at AOL and PBS’s recent joint “Makers Lunch” at AOL Studios in the Village posed in front of a bank of monitors featuring images of Katie Couric, Condoleezza Rice, Sandra Day O’Connor, and other famous femmes. They were celebrating the launch of Makers.com, a site that features video interviews with a number of lady machers who broke through glass ceilings of all sorts; once all the videos are uploaded over the course of the year, the full complement is to include Google’s Marissa Mayer, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, and fashion blogger (and high schooler) Tavi Gevinson.

AOL and PBS unveil cross-platform ‘Makers’

FEBRUARY 28, 2012

AOL and PBS today launched Makers: Women Who Make America, a multi-platform initiative that aims to become the largest-ever and most dynamic collection of women’s stories.

“Makers: Women Who Make America” launches today

FEBRUARY 28, 2012

Today, just in time for Women’s History Month, AOL and PBS launched a digital video and broadcast initiative celebrating women called “MAKERS: Women Who Make America.” Out of 100 American women interviewed for the project, 10 will be Latina, including Rita Moreno, Linda Alvarado and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

AOL Unveils MAKERS.com

FEBRUARY 28, 2012

AOL, in partnership with PBS, is proud to announce the launch of "MAKERS: Women Who Make America." MAKERS is a landmark digital video and broadcast initiative. Produced by filmmakers, the multi-platform initiative aims to become not only the largest but also the most dynamic collection of women's stories ever assembled.

PBS, AOL Partner on Women's Movement Documentary Project

FEBRUARY 28, 2012

New York -- AOL and PBS on Tuesday launched "Makers: Women Who Make America," a digital video and broadcast initiative to showcase a collection of stories from women who helped shape the women's movement in the United States.

PBS & AOL launch new site showcasing accomplished women

FEBRUARY 28, 2012

In 2013, PBS will broadcast a 3-hour documentary about the Women’s Movement and its impact over the last half century. Yet, in a move that is new for PBS, the public television network isn’t waiting for the film’s debut to release a web site — it’s doing it now but in a very unique way and with a special partner.

AOL and PBS Announce "MAKERS: Women Who Make America"

FEBRUARY 28, 2012

Today AOL, a premier digital media company, and PBS, the nation's largest non-commercial media organization, are launching "MAKERS: Women Who Make America," an unprecedented digital video and broadcast initiative. Produced by filmmakers, the multi-platform initiative aims to become not only the largest but also the most dynamic collection of women's stories ever assembled.

Tonight At NYU: Condom Control, Politics, And Speaker Shelby Knox

FEBRUARY 23, 2012

In early April, the group will be screening the HBO documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words followed by a Q&A session with Amy Richards of Soapbox, Inc., Ms. Magazine, and feminist.com.

The Upcoming WIN Awards Celebrating Women in Film and TV

FEBRUARY 18, 2012
We’re excited to share news about the upcoming WIN Awards on Friday, the 24th of February at the Barnsdall Art Theatre in Los Angeles.

Q&A: Henry Louis Gates Jr. on the Mysteries of His Genome

FEBRUARY 16, 2012

Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of Harvard’s W.E.B. Dubois Institute for African & American Studies, used genetic analysis to explore his ancestry—and those of Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock, and others—for the PBS television series African American Lives. In March he returns to the subject with a new series called Finding Your Roots, which features such celebrities as Barbara Walters, Martha Stewart, and Robert Downey Jr. As I did for a feature in this week’s issue, Gates had his own genome sequenced. Here he discusses his unexpected heritage, his health, and how genetic data made him cry.

Steinem’s Story, for a New Generation

FEBRUARY 09, 2012

SHEILA NEVINS, the longtime president of HBO’s documentary film division, calls Gloria Steinem “next to my mother, the most important woman I’ve ever met.” But when asked about Ms. Steinem, the most familiar face of the women’s movement, her staff had a different reaction. “We went up and down the halls of HBO and half the kids on the floor didn’t know who she was,” Ms. Nevins said.

Watch This: Why You Should Test Your DNA

FEBRUARY 06, 2012

Using DNA to trace your ancestry can satisfy curiosity (Henry Louis Gates Jr. was surprised to find out he was half white, for example), but in a recent interview with Sanjay Gupta Jr., Gates -- The Root's editor-in-chief and host of PBS's Finding Your Roots series -- talks about what else it can do.

HBO Tops 2010 Creative Arts Emmys

AUGUST 20, 2011

HBO topped the list of winners at the 2010 Creative Arts Emmy Awards with 17 golden statuettes, followed by ABC with 15.

Television review: 'Gloria: In Her Own Words'

AUGUST 15, 2011

In a bit of unintentional synchronicity, the HBO documentary on feminist icon Gloria Steinem "Gloria: In Her Own Words" airs mere weeks before NBC trots out period soap "The Playboy Club." Steinem's first foray into controversial journalism and, one could argue, feminism was an assignment from Show magazine to go "undercover" as a Playboy bunny. And though the NBC series clearly did not use Steinem's story, which focused on the arduous physical and emotional working conditions of the bunnies, as background, it did enable Steinem to make headlines; while doing publicity for the documentary, she called for viewers to boycott "The Playboy Club."

Gloria: In Her Own Words -- A Life in Activism

AUGUST 14, 2011

Gloria Steinem has frequently spoken about the importance of sharing stories, using the imagery of communicating oral narratives around an ancient campfire. She has done that with her own personal history in the HBO documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words. Responding to questions asked by director Peter Kunhardt and co-producer Sheila Nevins, Steinem has added depth to readily accessible facts by opening up about the darker corners of her emotional life.

'Gloria: In Her Own Words': An Activist On Great Battles And Audrey Hepburn

AUGUST 12, 2011

HBO premieres a documentary tonight at 9:00 p.m. called Gloria: In Her Own Words, which features activist Gloria Steinem discussing her career in both journalism and feminism, her memories of the women's movement of the 1960s, and the birth of Ms. magazine. And they are, indeed, her own words. There are no other voices outside of those found in archival footage — perhaps Barbara Walters asking her to tap dance during an interview or Harry Reasoner confidently predicting Ms. would never last more than a few issues. Why? Because they'd said everything there was to say about feminism in the first issue, and he couldn't imagine what else there was to write. (He ate crow later.)

Gloria, In Her Own Words: “A window into a time when sexism existed”

AUGUST 12, 2011

Steinem, it hardly needs mentioning, was the face of Second Wave feminism, and though she resists the description “icon,” there are many who consider her to be just that. Steinem is now 77 and still active in the feminist movement. Last night she went on the Colbert Report to talk about the documentary, which, Colbert joked, is only 75% as long as documentaries about men.

PBS and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. expose Latin America’s dirty secrets

APRIL 25, 2011
For centuries, Latin America has denied its African past. Race was a taboo topic that was rarely discussed and celebrated. To be Black and Latino meant you were mystical, mysterious, and foreign. Blacks knew their place in Latin American society and “rocking the boat” was always frowned upon.

Genealogy for a Nation of Immigrants

FEBRUARY 08, 2010

It takes a long time and considerable patience to get to that surprise denouement of “Faces of America,” a four-part PBS series, beginning on Wednesday, about family roots by the Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. And even with charming celebrities — Meryl Streep, Mike Nichols and Queen Noor of Jordan are among the 12 whose genealogy is explored almost back to Paleolithic times — the telling can at times be a little wearisome.

'Faces of America' Traces Famous Genealogy

JANUARY 28, 2010

You've seen them on the big screen, on television or in the anchor's chair, but where do America's most prominent people come from. That's the question scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. set out to answer in a new series appropriately called "Faces of America" which traces the genealogy of famous Americans. Gates appeared today on "Good Morning America" to talk about the show and give co-host George Stephanopoulos a big surprise about his own lineage: He could be distantly related to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On Human Happiness, and Why It’s So Hard to Find

JANUARY 02, 2010
How you know that the lazy days from Christmas to New Year’s are over: PBS puts up a three-night, six-hour special led by a social psychologist at Harvard. It’s time, apparently, to put our thinking caps back on. The program, “This Emotional Life,” which runs Monday through Wednesday on most PBS stations, is actually relatively easy on the brain; parts of it even feel lightweight, like something Dr. Phil might serve up. But it certainly requires more commitment than the marathons of reruns that have filled the air in recent days.

HBO's 'Teddy: In His Own Words'

JULY 13, 2009

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) has become such a perpetual figure in American politics that it's easy to think of him as more memorial than man, one of the capital's landmarks -- the Mall, the Smithsonian, the White House and Teddy Kennedy in the Senate.